Republication: New York’s early Italian gangs, from

Hello avid readers,

Apologies for so much time between posts. As we work on another one of our in-depth examinations of institutionalized criminality we thought it pertinent to give you something else to chew on while you wait. To this end, we have drummed up some of the best work on the early Italian gang scene in New York that we have found thus far on the World-wide web. is a tremendous site with well-researched articles on many of the early facets and characters of Italian gang life in turn-of-the-Century NYC. We recommend that any researcher or enthusiast of traditional organized crime peruse the site and take a look at what it has to offer:

Specifically, we would like to point our readers to a series of articles that outline the early gang wars between the Mafia groups of Manhattan (East Harlem, Lower East Side, Little Italy) and those of the Camorra in Brooklyn (South Brooklyn, Coney Island). These can be found here:

The Early Years


Scott Paulseth


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