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Greetings loyal PanAm readers,

We continue to work on the latest iterations of stories and pieces of writing on issues that influence the labyrinthine world of organized crime; however, when we come across a tremendous piece of informative journalism we often feel compelled to share it. Gangster Report remains one of the pre-eminent sources of all news related to organized crime in the Midwestern United States and beyond, and its main contributor and founder, Scott Burnstein, continuously presents impressive stories that help clarify the American criminal landscape and its myriad characters.

The story we wish to direct you to today involves the Chicago Outfit and the state of the intra-family rivalry in the early 2000s that led directly to the current leadership of the borgata. Without further ado, here is: “Absence of ‘Johnny Apes’ Sent Chicago Outfit into Shaky Era in First Half of 2000s, Zizzo, Chiaramonte Hits Followed”

For the story please connect to the following link:


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