PanAm Disclaimer

PanAm Disclaimer

Here at Pan-American Crime we seek to foment a better understanding of the modern criminal underworld and the international repercussions of its actions. This endeavour is undertaken in an effort to help educate all who are interested about the constant effects of organized crime on their daily lives. During these investigations and discussions, terminology and ideas may be used to describe a particular region, issue or event. These descriptions can involve national labels, such as “Canadian,” and are utilized only to better communicate and understand the geography or political situation that is being analyzed.  Use of such terminology is not undertaken to ignore or avoid key issues of sovereignty that are constantly being played out around the World; and we recognize that in many countries around the globe there exist various regions with legitimate secessionist agendas and competing issues of identity. PanAmerican Crime also recognizes, in theory, the right of all people throughout the World to pursue their own goals, ideas, sovereignty and identity, and, indeed, all rights guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Although PanAm Crime strives for accuracy, we recognize that we cannot always reflect the interests and realities of every citizen in every region under discussion, as much as we would like to try. Unfortunately, we am bound by our own limitations, time and, although we hate to admit it, ignorance of every conceivable fact and opinion. Please excuse any oversight or issue that you may find or disagree with, as these were not meant to slander, discriminate against or infuriate any readers. Please contact PanAm crime using the comments section in a respectful and constructive manner if you wish to contribute to our discussions and investigations, and we will be happy to rectify or at least acknowledge any discrepancy that may exist.

Thank you for your time, patience, understanding and indulgence,

– Scott Paulseth, Editor, PanAmerican Crime


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